Up your Ranking by Blogging


Blogging is an excellent way for any business to elevate their website’s search rankings. It shows search engines that your website is active, that content is being added, and that your business is still running. You can benefit from blog posting by simply doing it once a week, or even once a month.

The challenges new bloggers often run into is what to blog about, how to write the content, and how often to blog.

You should be blogging about questions and subjects you think your target audience is interested in. What questions do you find your customers ask you over and over again? Do you find that your customers inquire a lot about a particular product or service? Use this knowledge to guide your blogging habits.

If don’t have time to post a blog regularly, you can hire a writer. Blog posts geared towards rankings don’t exactly have to be the best quality, but you will definitely benefit more from quality blogs.

Posting blogs on other websites that have high traffic can be beneficial as well. For example, this dispensary located in Cambridge Ontario posted a blog on this high-traffic website. As a result, it helps their rankings, and directs some new traffic to their website. They’re a new dispensary store who’s goal is to rank higher online among other local dispensaries. Here is another example of a blog post on a niche related website.

You should be blogging, ideally, once a week. Most websites don’t blog more than that, so it will give you an instant edge over your competition when trying to rank in search engines. The results are not instant – it’s a long term game. The dispensary mentioned before has elevated their rank among other dispensary stores with efforts in blogging, and adding content to their store. You can accomplish similar results.

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